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MTN AGRO-Rainbow Trout and

Rainbow Trout(Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Identifying Characteristics

* Uniform black spots

* White tips on fins

* May have a faint red or orange slash on lower jaw

Rainbows prefer cool, clear water, either streams or lakes, with maximum water temperatures below seventy degrees Fahrenheit. Food of the rainbow trout in lakes is mainly plankton, but they also eat aquatic insects, snails, crayfish and freshwater shrimp. Larger rainbow prey on small fish. The primary food in streams is aquatic insects.


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Huge Fish Cages in Cold Lakes... Processing to Packing and more

Speaker 2

Length : 17cm-23cm

Length 7-9inch

Speaker 2

Rainbow Trout: 13cm-17cm

Length 5-7inch

Speaker 3

Fresh Water System in cold Lake

with natural environment

Speaker 6

13months special feeding

And growing in cold water lake.

Speaker 4

Feeding Cages 01

free from chemicals

Speaker 5

Feeding Cages 02

free from chemicals

Speaker 6

Frozen without Head

Packed in shrink LDPE Bags.

Speaker 6

Fresh whole fish packaging

in isolated Carton Box...

Speaker 6

Polystyrene Box

with fresh whole fish...

Speaker 6

Length : 7cm-13cm

Length 2-5inch

Speaker 6

Processing as demanded shape

And ready to be sent to you...

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Jumbo Size: 30cm -36cm

Jumbo Size and over Length 12-14inch...